Super Chron Flight Brothers & MarQ Spekt - Rap City

Paypal in the palm of the hand \ Yours’ a easy payment \ Lower your bloodclot pressure \ That’s a greasy statement \ These rappers rap, so to y’all they seem creative \ But in reality, it’s no substance just inebriated \ We ain’t invest in assets, they just appreciated \ So you’re goddamn right I got a right to be hostile \ The pitch came through \ And had me hogtied \ And I ain’t gotta let the song cry \ To catch the long eye of research groups \ Like the Carlyle \ Bildebergers or ask Asher Roth-child \ I cut a line in his face \ He lookin’ argyle \ Oh yeah baby doll you know it’s all mine \ He invisible \ Iraqi Army stockpiles \ And I wouldn’t son y’all nigga \ You just my godchild \ When I take from thieves that makes god smile \ Body in the backseat, fuck a trunk \ He show you what he riding with \ You mother skunk \ Who wanna rump \ Black out \ He a ugly duck \ He got it bundled up \ Your cup runneth all over when he run amok \ He ride the beat like badunkadunk \ Pull up along side ya niggas and dump the truck \ This to my crooks who got their reps on the street \ And to them cops that was dead on the beat \ Don’t make me put your head with your feet \ Ain’t the type to pull it \ He just a cyber-bully \ He quick to turn out when shit get wild and wooly \ -MarQ Spekt

Backwoodz Studioz